Gerard Scholman:
(Managing Director Netherlands)
A good hockey player knows where the puck is, but a great players knows where the puck will be (Wayne Gretzky). Our team is set up to anticipate our client’s future challenges and proactively provide solutions.

Welcome to InterEurope

Your trusted claims handling and consultancy expert*

InterEurope AG is an independent, privately owned service provider, which settles claims on behalf of insurance companies. Our core business areas are Green Card claims, Fourth Motor Directive and national vehicle damages claims, which we handle with an international team of experts. In addition, we deal with transport, own damage and recovery claims across Europe as well as legal expenses claims globally. Due to our extensive experience in all matters road traffic, we are able to provide outstanding advice* to our insurer clients.

All our activities are focused on enhancing our client’s profitability. Our core competence is claims handling coupled with the necessary interdisciplinary legal management of processes and experts. Our performance commitments – legal competence and quality in all processes – are achieved by employing a centrally controlled international team of experienced claims handling specialists across 11 European countries. These commitments are underpinned and supported by transparent company structures, clearly defined processes and a centralised, uniform IT system.

This allows us to provide high quality advice even in complex matters and enables us to minimise costs in standard cases by utilising IT-driven processes.

InterEurope hereby ensures that our clients are provided with legally sound claims handling which complies with Solvency II, coupled with proactive and efficient settlement with accurate reserves.

Our multilingual team of specialised lawyers advise our clients on the differences of the legal systems between the countries we act in and our expertise allows you to bridge the gap between the different legal systems in Europe

  • You want competence, we have experienced teams with the requisite legal knowledge
  • You want quality, we have the processes to ensure it
  • You want control, we will give you direct access to our files online
  • You want to control your expenditure, we manage an efficient network of experts
  • You have questions, we have answers



*) In Germany and Portugal, legal services and consultancy which go beyond the scope of claims management are only provided within the limits of the legal provisions governing such services (in Germany “Rechtsdienstleistungsgesetz” and in Portugal “procuradoria illicita”).


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