Susana Almeida
(Director Sales & Marketing Division)
InterEurope connects with competence; quality is our promise.

Vision & Mission

It is InterEurope’s stated aim to become the leading and most reliable service provider for claims handling and consultancy.

Our Method to achieve this:

  • Continual improvement of the knowledge of our staff, intensifying our cooperative ethic, while encouraging employees to excel
  • Enhance the leadership qualities of the management with particular emphasis on a business-centric approach
  • Optimisation of our quality management system by continual improvement of the processes, which enhances efficiency for the entire service provision chain.
  • Continuous upgrade of our IT system to ensure it remains modern, up to date and future-proof.
  • Utilising the marketing competence of our branches to develop our business, identifying new clients, strengthening the relationship with existing clients and thereby enhancing profits.
  • Differentiating ourselves from our competitors by adopting an analytical approach and method
  • Ensuring lasting profitability by minimising costs


Head Office

InterEurope AG
European Law Service
Hansaallee 249
40549 Düsseldorf


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