Claude Patte:
(Managing Director Belgium)
We analyse and communicate the differences of various legal systems for you.

Your Claims are our Concern

Settling all possible types of claims is our core competence, particularly when it concerns claims with an international context. We offer our clients the legal expertise of experienced and committed employees who efficiently manage claims settlement within a network of consultants, garages and doctors.

The settlement process is based on three important pillars:

  • By handling files consistently and electronically using standardised processes, we accelerate the business of settling claims.
  • Legal expertise forms the basis for settling claims securely, comparative communication and avoiding unnecessary legal proceedings.
  • Active control by the claimant in our network of consultants, garages and doctors leads to significantly reduced costs in standard claims as well as to quick and precise reserve setting for high-volume claims.

Special attention is dedicated to combating fraud during claims settlement by means of checking routines for fraud indicators, comparing with databases as well as by drawing on legal expertise for correctly evaluating the legal situation on the basis of the evidence available and rules concerning the burden of proof.

All the efficiency and expertise of claims settlement would be incomplete, if the client were left in the dark. That is why automated reports and statistics for the client as well as comparative communication regarding the files (usually in the client’s language) are a matter of course for us. Our staff fully explain settlement decisions and advise on the economic and procedural risks.


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