Andreas Hikl:
(Managing Director Austria)
Legal competency lies at the core of our work. You can rest assured.

Welcome to InterEurope Austria

Andreas Hikl, Managing Director Austria

Professional experience: General Manager of claims handling companies in Vienna, Austria
Claims Handler at insurance companies in Vienna, Austria
Language skills: German, English


We have been established in Vienna since 2005, where we settle both national and international claims in all sectors of the industry. In addition to our core business segments (vehicular claims settlement in the context of green cards and the fourth motor insurance directive), our office traditionally has a large share of legal protection and liability claims.

From a historical standpoint, Vienna has always been a bridge between East and West as well as to the Balkan states. The office in Vienna is hence also a centre of excellence for settlements in precisely these countries. Particularly in matters of legal protection and liability, our wealth of experience in claims management with these countries is indispensable.

The fact that Austria is a country of tourism and winter sports is also reflected in an additional core area of our work. Winter sports with the dangers associated with it and the subsequent disputes has been a steadily increasing field of competence requiring specialist expertise for many years.

Alongside their academic background, the staff at InterEurope AG Austria has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in these areas over the course of many years. Thus, we hold the expertise to settle claims efficiently and economically for our clients. By weighing up the various aspects of the circumstances and legal situation, we optimally and proactively take care of our clients’ claims. Hence, we often take on an advisory role in order to discuss international claims settlement with our clients and explain the differences between legal systems.

A network of selected experts and partner lawyers supports us in doing so.

In addition to the technical challenges, the branch in Austria is also the central office for IT coordination and development. Here, specialist expertise is accompanied by technical requirements and the firm’s own claims management software is developed on a continuous basis. The branch manager is also the contact partner for client-specific technical enquiries and requests.

It has only been possible to develop a highly specialised software program for settling claims by means of directly combining the expertise of IT professionals with decades of experience from the specialist areas. This puts us in the position to keep our service promises to our clients and also enables us to meet the high expectations of the market in the future.

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