Pascal Brenner:
(Managing Director Germany)
We document our processes sufficiently to ensure our claims handling is Solvency II compliant.

Welcome to InterEurope Germany

Pascal Brenner, Managing Director Germany

Education: Degree in Law at the University of Cologne, Germany and in French-German Law by the Université Paris II Panthéon-La Sorbonne
Professional: Attorney at law since 2009
Director of Operations at the German Branch Office 2016
Managing Director of the German Branch since 2018
Languages: English, German, French


We distinguish ourselves in the legal management of cases drawing on our interdisciplinary thinking and international expertise.

Welcome to the German branch of InterEurope

Our market, claims settlement, has been undergoing change for some time. This already began a while back with the form of documents; paper has had to give way to electronic files. This first step is now being followed by a second, permanent round of process optimisation and, along with it, the measurability of individual process steps. This not only allows process quality to be measured and optimised, but also, in part, the monitoring of legal aspects such as deadlines. Focus is particularly placed on the efficiency of settlement for standard cases.

The next logical step is the complete, electronic monitoring of files by the client, not least in response to the requirements of Solvency II. The answer here lies in online access to the files.

Another change concerns the legal ‘upgrading’ of injured parties due to a continuously growing number of specialist lawyers. On the part of the claims adjustment offices, this trend will have to be met by their own legal experts on an equal footing. It is only in this way that financially sustainable outcomes can be achieved for insurers.

And finally, the average claim amount is also rising due to the increasing complexity of vehicles and medical progress in particular. Although high-volume claims only amount to 1-2% of the number of claims depending on the country, they account for around a third of payments. In order to keep control of this cost increase, the claims adjuster must actively gather the necessary information in good time. This then makes it possible to intervene in and manage the process of redress.

Those who rely on the old approaches to claims settlement, will be left behind. Our strategy therefore is based on these trends and has made the quality and competence of the claims adjuster the keystone of our service, in addition to our technological backbone.

Our cross-border expert knowledge, proactive property damage and personal injury management as well as our international network allow us to offer the full service in claims settlement. We manage cases and networks with legal expertise. In addition to technical competence in liability law and in dealing with various legal systems, InterEurope claim consultants are characterised by routine, precision and communication strengths.

Our team of twelve members of staff in Germany set themselves apart with their particularly high level of constancy and commitment to the firm. The branch’s structure is made up of management, back office and front office. Seven fully qualified solicitors put forward their expertise in the back office, five of whom are admitted to practice law as lawyers*. Management and the back office are supported by three colleagues in the front office.


* In Germany legal services and consultancy which go beyond the scope of claims management are only provided within the limits of the legal provisions governing such services (“Rechtsdienstleistungsgesetz”).

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