Susana Pinto Almeida:
(Director Sales & Marketing)
We are global problem solvers, transcending borders with knowledge.

Analysis as a Basis for Process Control & Cost Optimisation

Our measures and decisions are based on the analysis of processes and data which we are able to classify on the basis of our wealth of experience and the knowledge of our clients. We segment processes from the claim event through to payment, in order to individually measure and compare these processes as well as to subsequently improve and manage them. The average claim handling times fell substantially as a result of these continual process checks, for instance. By breaking down the claim payment into various service codes, we are able to develop targeted measures to influence their amount. This way, for example, we are able to significantly reduce these expenses through consultant and garage networks. We aim to not only be better than the market average, but also to lead in these critical parameters.

Here, you will find some market data on international claims which were provided with the kind support of the COB. Moreover, we also offer our clients selected structural data. Further analyses on the development of vehicular claims are available to our clients on request.


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